Iron Beauty Mask


Professional results in the comfort of your own home!

This unique and most effective treatment is formulated with natural origin micro-particles of iron, also used in the food industry, ensuring wonderful anti-aging and re-balancing benefits while being totally safe for all types of skin, even the most sensitive and reactive.

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The first patented treatment in professional skincare

Eco Cert Active Principles

Dermatologically Tested


A Multi-step treatment consisting of a cream mask, a magnet and a demagnetizing lotion.

Their combined, synergistic action creates effective cleansing of the epidermis (both on the surface and deep down) and provides immediate skin conditioning and lifting  thanks to the magnetic stimulation.


It stimulates  micro-circulation and oxygenation of even the deepest layers of the skin, replenishing it back with essential nutrients so that hydration levels are revived back to an optimum state.
It firms, eliminates impurities, provides a physiological and functional re-balancing of the skin, resulting in a bright, silky, toned, compact and elastic complexion.



With a good quality cleanser , wipe, rinse with water and dry the skin with towel or cloth.

2- SPREAD WITH SPATULA  the iron beauty mask cream evenly all over the face ( optional decollete and neck ).

Make sure that the entire face is grey. Do not use  too much cream as it may be difficult to remove or too little as the treatment may result less effective.

3- MASSAGE USING YOUR HANDS the grey cream for 2 minutes

4- PASS BY GLIDING THE MAGNET with light strokes in one direction, with a slight angle or flat on the skin, preferably by starting on forehead and downwards, removing the iron. You will be creating a magnetic field that will take away all impurities and layers of dead skin cells. cleanse in depth and tone the skin.  White streaks of cream should be seen after passing the magnet.

( Clean the magnet with a dry tissue after some strokes to remove impurities and iron).

5- After all iron particles (grey part of the cream) have been removed and the cream has turned white, clean the magnet and massage the face for 2 to 3 minutes for total absorption by using the special magnet and your hands. This will provide further cleansing, toning and reblancing action.

6- Cleanse any remaining cream with a cotton or cloth pad soaked with the special Iron Beauty Mask lotion, this will neutralize the magnetic field ( demagnetizing action) and will provide a lenitive, astringent and brightening action to the skin.

7- CLOSE THE TREATMENT by applying the daily routine products depending on your skin type. Preferably, Dermophisiologique products, in order to further enhance the effect of the treatment!

IMPORTANT  NOTE: Never use water after step 2 as you will neutralize the magnetic field 

APPLICATION TIME : Morning or evening

FREQUENCY: 1 or 2 times a week

TARGET AREA: Face, neck, decollete, back of the hands.




Iron powder, zinc oxide, beewax, carnauba wax, jojoba oil, blackcurrant oil, olive oil unsaponifiables.

LOTION: Yucca Schidigera, grapefruit seed extract, witch hazel water, bitter orange flower water, mallow extract, melissa extract, rosa centifolia flower water, calendula extract, menthol.


Free of Paraben, Mineral Oils and Synthetic colors. Made in Italy
Suitable to all Skin types and conditions.

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