Maniderm Antiaging Hands and Nails Cream


Prevent accelerating aging of your hands with this silky nourishing hand cream.

It is a light emulsion with moisturizing, soothing and anti-aging qualities and provides a powerful restructuring action of the skin barrier to protect and maintain the hands looking youthful and moisturized.

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Light emulsion with moisturizing, soothing, anti-age and restructuring action of the skin barrier, quickly absorbed.


It contains a precious botanical origin active ingredient extracted from the Sea Lily, which progressively reduces the hyperchromic spots generated by environmental stress. The presence of Allantoin favors cell turnover, while the synergy of Vitamins and Active moisturizing ingredients, ensures a preventive anti-aging action, contrasting desquamation and roughness. Ideal for nails and cuticles.

Results: Leaves your hands soft, smooth and intensely protected.

Use: Morning and Night

Texture: Cream

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